Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Our mother tongue Bengali. It is not only the face, and the language is in our hearts. We are in a dream, dream. We sing in this language life, arrange your life, all the joy of life, express excitement. Bengali was introduced at our world a unique, extraordinary people, as a nation-loving heart of her mother tongue, and fresh blood poured out on the streets did not skimp.
The globalization today 'Global Village'. One day we will be a resident of the Global phyamilira. And that day is not too far away.
The English name is a very clever and intelligent people. The only nation on earth, there are no Independence Day.What does that mean? This means that they would never submit to anyone.None of them has ever covered chain of subservience. But one day, they ruled half the world. It was the British Empire, the sun never went down.
Their vigor and intelligence in the world, many countries have ruled. One day they came from thousands of miles away to do business in the upper-shaved head of the sub-continent could be. They left India in 1947 without bloodshed, but still most of them written by the public in all of India. They left with the laws of our country is still kacari Court.
At one time, nearly half of the world ruled by the British sadarpe. Today is their day, however. However, their talent, intellect, geist, literature, language and culture ebansarbopari the world today, they are staying.
Their mother tongue is English, the international language of the world, established today. Aphisiyyala language as well as almost all of the countries of the introduction of the language. There are widely practiced in our country and the language.
In the case of rail and air travel tickets, bank statements, certificate otransakripta Board, the use of English as the leading verdict. International business transactions, etc. to the English. Yatasaba in the world, jnana science all written in English.
However, in our country, how the English language is being practiced nowadays? Our school, college or university and how the groups are taught in the language?
The system is being adopted in our country pathadane English subject matter, it does not seem to be getting some work done. English dominates the KG school education, including various kinds of English medium schools and English language schools and colleges in the nation when it was established as dakhalata is decreasing day by day. Nowadays quickly into the streets of English language learning various signs, such as IELTS, TOEFL, seven or -five days that offer English language teaching how to split up, keeps track of who? British Council and it is not less. There is no passage in this regard then. And as our reputation is declining, the more we are going to be isolated abroad. And that was the day, our country passed the entrance could speak English fluently. A lot of time with them, and even the British could never afford.
But what the hell? Nowadays, many of us BA-MA, to be passed on to the beautiful boy of itself pilera two lines can not write or speak English.
During the nineties of the last century in our country the benefit of their students in the graduating class for use in attaining the goal of raising the same issue of the English. The degree and level of English is not mandatory.Secondary and higher secondary levels, where two letters of 00 marks in English are mandatory, there is no reason to degree level in a letter just 100 marks is mandatory? Degree level education in English by compressing jatitara What we do is defeat! During the nineties, who has studied, most of them engaged in the teaching profession at different levels. They are able to give their students how to learn English, if the input they consider themselves to say good parenakathinyera school with 100 high school number 00 and 300 degrees, the level should be mandatory. But at the opposite. In this way the teachings of our cases, the opposite appears to be more active cakatai.
Our primary level, secondary level and Communicative Approach Competence -based system has been introduced in the name of the question, the age of our students at all levels, how much talent and rucike priority has been given to what appeared to be the big question. Translation excluding any I do not think that has been achieved. Translation, we learned our time trying to learn English, you've got a great deal. Grammatical rules for the use of the item, Pair of words, Phrase & idoms aid, etc. With the growth of Competence in English had the opportunity today to our doctrine of Tense neiamara very beautifully to the rules, there is now the opportunity to learn as . From the sixth to the ninth-tenth grade NCTB Free Grammar and Composition books that have been written in the book in English. It was apparently more harm than benefit.
At the primary level and secondary level students from English Unseen Passage accompaniment What is the answer?What do you think of all the boys in the sisu Creation fear is not English?
Listening and Speaking once again in recent years for (10 + 10) = 0. number has been assigned. In fact, the amount of these practices are, or will be, it should have considered before.
Indeed, the incoherence of our country, our new generation of English education English language teaching bhitasraddhai making every day. All the duties and responsibilities of all concerned in our education.


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